Recipe – Avocado Lemon Prawns

Prawn lovers, do you think you’re all collection for your new flavor?

Avocado mashed with pepper and lemon juice matches amazingly really well with prawns, generating a undoubtedly exceptional flavor sensation.

Who can resist the wealthy and smooth flavor of avocado with refreshing lemons juice? Not only is avocado tasty, it seriously is also an incredible antioxidant and contains minerals for instance calcium, copper, folic acid, potassium, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fibers, which can be accustomed to generate the mineral necessity through the physique.

Avocado lemon prawns is actually a tasty and nutritious blend, and is also incredibly easy to generate:


a few avocados (halved with pits taken off)

one/two lemon, zested

1/a couple of lemon, zested and juiced

one/two teaspoon white sugar

one tablespoon chopped Italian flat leaf parsley

1 one/two tablespoons olive oil

a single/2 teaspoon chopped garlic

one particular/two pound peeled and deveined prawns

one teaspoon salt

one pinch floor black pepper, to design


a single. Mash the next collectively into a bowl:

– avocados

– sugar

– parsley

– lemon zest

– lemon juice

a couple of. Warmth skillet with olive oil under method-lowered warmth.

three or a lot more. Cook the garlic within the scorching oil for about 5 mins (or till at some point slightly browned).

4. Spot the prawns in the oil, strengthen heat to channel.

five. Season the prawn with salt and pepper.

fifty percent a dozen. Retain stirring the prawns till they begin to alter coloration.

7. Decrease warmth to low.

8. Add the avocado mixture to your prawns.

9. Stir until finally the avocado is totally heated (takes about 2 mins).

ten. Serve which has a minor minor little bit of black pepper.

And which can be it, an excellent dish to spice up your following dinner get jointly!

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